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About us
About us

Rollpanel Facilities operate in Bursa Mustafakemalpaşa Organized lndustrial Zone, on a total area of 32,500 m2, 11000 m2 of which is closed. Rollpanel produces sandwich panels in its facilities with an annual capacity of 3.500.000 m2 and equipped with modern production technologies.

In addition to the production of sandwich panels, the production of the accessories required in construction works and the twisted upper ridges in the form of panels are also carried out in the Rollpanel facilities.

Adopting customer-oriented working methods with its well-equipped and competent human resources, Rollpanel prioritizes ethical values and transparent communication with its stakeholders. Rollpanel offers fast, aesthetic, and quality solutions to meet the rising architectural and aesthetic demands with its high-quality and innovative products.

Rollpanel considers the efficient use of natural resources and energy, the monitoring of emissions, and effective waste management as the necessity of a sustainability approach. it uses environmentally friendly n-pentane gas in the production process with an environmental sustainability approach.

Our Manifest

Our Team and Work Philosophy

To conduct business with a team of honest, reliable, respectful, transparent, constructive, participant, innovative, open mind which are conforming to corporate values and to enable each members here in to feel sense of joy, happiness, peace, success and being part of their work.


As Rollpanel, we consider all our workers the company's most valuable resource. As a result, our top priority is to ensure that every Rollpanel employee returns home safely. For Rollpanel employees, the only acceptable objective is a zero-accident environment, and this objective is a must-have for any manager. We use the "Safety First" mindset in every circumstance.


It is our initial responsibility to keep our environment safe, prevent or diminish environmental pollution arising out of our activities, to minimize our wastes and to maintain awareness for environment on basis of periodic recovery and training activities, to make contribution to studies relevant with global environment in association with our employees.

Our Social Responsibilities

Health and Safety

We provide all our employees with a reliable, healthy working environment to be recognized as a good sample of practice at this sector in a level higher than standardizations of effective labor health and safety.


We give precedence to creation of conditions that shall provide our employees with prosperity and happiness when appointing wages and social benefits, take market conditions into account, provide conditions complying with labor laws and collective agreements.

Child Employment

Except for training and apprenticeship programs approved by governmental institutions, we do not employ children younger than 16 years, in no way employ them, instruct our business partners who are temporarily entering into our business site to obey by our relevant guidelines.

Hours of Work

We obey the laws concerning legal working hours.

Our Policies

Quality Policy

  • Is to ensure all necessary resources to meet the highest quality standard with regard to all our products, processes and services and to exceed customer expectations,

  • To provide a safe work environment by means of meeting employee expectations and providing business continuity,

  • To develop and to enhance our suppliers with a continuous improvement mindset,

  • To generate dedicated solutions for our customers with our aptitude for design and to create a difference within the sector.

Environment, Safety, Social Responsibility Policy

Together with our Stakeholders; We Intend to obey by;

  • Its Promise to United Nations Global Compact,
  • All Legal Liabilities,
  • Our Policies Defined in the Manifest We Declared to Public Opinion,

To be an outstanding leader corporation at its sector in the country on basis of a target for sustaining permanent progression on Environment, Health, Security, Social Responsibility, furthermore to encourage each of our employees to act as an activist for extending our policies.