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PUR-PIR-ROCKWOOL Insulated Sandwich Panels

Polyurethane (PUR) insulated sandwich panels are the most widely used industrial building coating materials in the world for 60 years, as well as the products with the highest thermal insulation value among all industrial building coating materials.

Polyurethane sandwich panels; In addition to providing heat, water, sound and air insulation, it is preferred because it provides advantages in many aspects such as ease of assembly, aesthetic appearance, hygiene safety and fire resistance.

Polyurethane, which is used as an insulation material in sandwich panels, has a closed cell structure. Thanks to this feature, it is resistant to water and humidity as well as having superior thermal insulation.

Sandwich panels have become the most preferred products in food facilities and cold storage coatings thanks to their polyurethane insulation that does not produce bacteria and hygienically painted galvanized sheets on their surfaces.

Thanks to the light but durable composite sandwich panels produced by the combination of polyurethane with high compressive strength and metal with high tensile strength, large openings can be passed on the roofs and walls of industrial buildings by using very low amount of carriers.

The production of polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulated panels is carried out by differentiating the compounds used in the production of foams and adding fire retardant additives.

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulated panels have higher fire resistance than polyurethane insulated products. In addition to the fact that the ignition temperature of polyisocyanurate is higher than that of polyurethane, the amount of smoke generated during fire is also lower than that of polyurethane.

With the rapid development of the food and retail industries and the increase in the demand for frozen food, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate insulated panels have become an alternative product in the construction of cold room warehouses. Buildings can be constructed in a short time and economically by using cold storage panels, thanks to its ability to respond to high thermal insulation needs, water-proof joint detail solutions and the use of special anti-bacterial paints.

Rock wool; is a type of inorganic mineral wool obtained by converting basalt, diabase and dolomite stones, which are inorganic materials, into fiber.

It gives excellent results in fire, heat, sound-acoustic insulation.

Panels made of rockwool; roofs, walls, partitions, etc. of buildings with high fire risk. used in applications. Rollpanel Rockwool Roof Panel is used safely with its 5 rib form, for passing wide openings and with its fire resistance. Rollpanel Rockwool Wall Panels provide ease of assembly with both horizontal and vertical applicability.

Along with thermal insulation, it also provides high performance sound insulation.